Agape Christian Faith Center

AM Lanzenbusch 7 
66872 Ramstein-Miesenbach 
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Telephone:  011/49/6371-945764

Teaching Humility, Unity, and Service

Intercessory Prayer: 18:00
Bible Study: 18:30
Youth Service: 18:30 (4 - 11)
Nursery is available

Intercessory Prayer 08:00
High Praise and Worship Service 09:30
Youth Service: 09:30 (4 - 11)
Nursery is available 

Hope Springs Eternal

Precious Friends

The New Year is upon us, it bursts into our lives like the sudden dawning of the light of a new day, and from that, a new hope for the year arises.

This new year, is an opportunity for each of us. An opportunity to live the Gospel each and every day. An opportunity to be a living witness and a living testimony. God has given each of us the joy of serving Him and being His love in action, to those who do not have what we have... The joyous hope of the Risen Christ...!!

I invite you to make each day in 2018 an opportunity to be the good work of the Gospel in action. For so long we have talked about awakenings and revivals, but now is the hour that we must all be the revival that we have sought, we must all be awakened by opening our eyes to the signs of the times and the needs of our communities.
For over two decades, AGAPE has focused on missions in Asia and further abroad, but we can each be involved in the mission within our community. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son..."
The giving is never equal, but our sacrifice is, so let us give ourselves this year...!!

Because of Jesus, the Risen Christ...
Bishop J. Alan Neal


Men's Meeting 19:00 (2nd & 4th)

Women's Meeting 19:00 (3rd) 

Corporate Prayer 19:00