Agape Christian Faith Center

AM Lanzenbusch 7 
66872 Ramstein-Miesenbach 
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Telephone:  011/49/6371-945764

Teaching Humility, Unity, and Service

Write the vision and make it plain.”  (Habakkuk 2:1)

Agape Christian Faith Center is more than your average church. We are a Spirit-filled body of believers primarily focused on total Christian Development.  We believe that Jesus’ fundamental purpose was to reconcile us unto the Father and make us one with Him. Because we are one with Him we have a 
mandate to possess the mind of Christ and walk in the same authority.

Critical to fulfilling our mission is our plan to pursuit and train Spirit-filled and Spirit-led men, women, and children to embrace our vision of “Changing a Generation” through a commitment to:

Establishing and maintaining a disciplined Prayer Life
Exercising the power of Praise and Worship
Studying and living by God’s Word
Putting the Go into the “Go Ye”: Evangelism and Missions Work
Faithful Stewardship as it relates to our Money and Time
Developing a true interracial & multi-culture church – Fellowship
Actively involved with educating our children – Education

Crucial to obtaining our goal is teaching Humility, Unity, and Service.  These three words best summarize our vision statement and purpose.  Self-denial is the first step to recognizing God for who He really is.  Humility enables us to see clearly a need in our life for Christ as our Lord and Savior.  Before humility we are selfish individuals hanging like individual olives on a tree.  But when humbled, we fall!  Picture an olive on a tree.  As long as it remains on the tree it can’t become a part of the production of olive oil.  As you know, biblically oil symbolizes the anointing.  Therefore, without a falling down or humbling one is never able to know his or her need for God and will never be anointed to serve in the kingdom.  After the humbling or falling down, the olive is ready to unite with others for the same purpose – which is producing oil.  Until a person is humbled he or she can’t unite with another for a common cause.  Once humbled or fallen, the olive can be put on a press and united with one another to produce oil. This free flow of oil is symbolic of anointed gifts and talents being placed into service by this Humbled and United body of believers.  We must unite all people of God thereby establishing a multi-cultural and interracial worship center to empower them to:  Pray Fervently, Praise & Worship Emphatically, Study the Word Comprehensively, Evangelize Infectiously, Give Generously, Fellowship Wholeheartedly, and Teach our Children Uncompromisingly. 

Vision Statement