Teaching Humility, Unity, and Service

Bishop's Itinerary

Agape Christian Faith Center

AM Lanzenbusch 7 
66872 Ramstein-Miesenbach 
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Telephone:  011/49/6371-945764
E-mail: admin@agapecfc.org

Date         23 - 24 February 
Event       Virginia French Learning Center

Host         Reka Godwin
Location   Hill Country, Sri Lanka

Date         25 February
Event       Calvary Church

Host         Pastor Rohan Munasinghel

Location   Negombo, Sri Lanka
Date         2 March

Event       Dedicate Hotel Agape & Robin's Int'l Restaurant

Host         Bishop John & Nora Coonghe
Location   Mannar, Sri Lanka

Date         3 March

Event       Deva Anbu Boy's Home

Host         Ignatious & Noka Selveraj
Location   Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

Date         4 March

Event       AGAPE Church 
Host         Pastor Kumar
Location   Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Date         8 April
Event       Power Church International
Host         Bishop Charles & Kimber Hanchey
Location   Power Church International
               Monroe, LA

Date         22 April
Event       Hope Christian Church
Host         Bishop Harry R. Jackson
Location   Hope Christian Church

               Beltsville, MD

Date         14 May    
Event       Opening of the Embassy of the United States

Host         Ambassadors of USA David & Tammy Friedman
Location   Jerusalem, Israel

Date         23 June
Event       Men The Weekend
Host         Bishop Harry R. Jackson
Location   Hope Christian Church
               Beltsville, MD

Date         24 June
Event       Israel Total Life Ministries: 

Time        11:00am service
Host         Bishop Larry Palmer
Location   Israel Total Life Ministries
               Waldorf, Maryland

Date         5 July    
Event       Pure Life Ministries Graduation
Host         Pastor Steve Gallagher
Location   Pure Life Ministries
               Dry Ridge, KY

Date         10 - 12 August   
Event       Founder's Day & EBM InGathering
Host         Bishop J. Alan Neal
Location   Agape Christian Faith Center

               Ramstein, Germany

Date         23 - 31 August   
Event       Missions Trip
Host         Bishop (d) Velli Chandran
Location   Sri Lanka

Date         25 September - 2 October
Event       50 Years of United 
Host         United Christain Center
Location    Okinawa, Japan


Date         12 -15 October
Event       19th Founder's Day
Host         Lighthouse Christian Faith Center
Location   Mildenhall, England

Date         18 - 20 October
Event       North American EBM InGathering
Host         Overseer Roger Lane
Location   Green Branch Christian Faith Center

               Augusta, Georgia 

Date        30 October - 6 November
Event       EBM / CEFI Missions Trip
Host         Bishop Noha Yowanaraj
Location   Chennai, India

Date        December (Date TBD)
Event      Children's Home Christmas Visits    
Location   India & Sri Lanka